A little bit of our story

The hotel opened its doors in 1984 with only 11 bedrooms.

In 1989, the hotel had 64 bedrooms and 2 suites. A coffee and a breakfast bar called El Aljibe and a new hotel’s front desk was built in that same year.

In the following years, without losing our warmth and kindness, our growth was continuous by improving our infrastructure, comfort and our agreed services.

Today, the hotel has 144 bedrooms that give our guests unforgettable moments in a sincere and gentle atmosphere in the best setting of the world.

A true love story

By Angela Girometti de Guatti – Founding member of this Hotel

One day, my husband, Héctor Mario, as if he knew he would not be by my side all his life, asked: ‘What do you want to run yourself?’ I replied: ‘A hotel, built me a hotel’.

It was 1982 and our son Maxi had come to our lives. Mauro Pablo and Mario Piero, our two oldest sons, have already been part of our family.

Pocho Ramos who was the superintendent of El Calafate in those days said to me: ‘This is the last piece of land that I show you, and he added nobody wants it because it can be flooded some times’.

In the afternoon of Easter in the year 1983, we were living in Esuco workshop. Today, this place is near the bus station. I could see my husband climbing the slope rolling down a big iron ring. He was coming happy, calm and secure.

He told me to go and see a piece of land that seemed a little paradise.
The trail ended there, in front of Bautista Maldonado’s house on the left and Rolando Barragan’s on the right. This little path introduced us to a dense carpet of hemlocks, almost of our height. When we looked at each other, we knew it was a little paradise. Old poplars surrounded this place. We knew later that the Parques Nacionales Administration set them. In that same place, there has just begun the action of doing.

The little hotel had found its place. In October 1984, we opened with 11 bedrooms the hotel called Posada (Inn) Los Alamos. Its owners were the engineer Hector Mario Guatti and Mariangela Girometti. During its building, all poplars were kept alive.

We have been building it for eight years continuously. We were constantly trying to improve what we have done. We were placed in the concept of Los Alamos Hotel and Inn, which was a four-star hotel.

In the year 1991, when we were walking through the stone path that joined the cottage with the hotel, we looked back and we could see the hotel with its 84 bedrooms. We could also see the restaurant called La Posta, the tennis court, the paddle-tennis court, the fill we were starting to make to do a little golf course, my husband told me that …”doing this, building this, he was the happiest man on Earth”.

On November 6, 1993, surrounded by his eldest sons who had succeeded in completing their degrees and many friends, God took my husband to fulfill another mission in another world.

His example of persistence in front of many adversities he had to face in his short life compelled us to carry on without hesitation.

Moreover, we are still building new places.

Today, we have 144 bedrooms. My sons are my support in this business venture, as well as my daughters-in-law and my grandchildren named Mateo, Mora, Martina, Santina, Matías, Paz, Marcos and Maitena. They will tell you the story of what they could build afterwards.

El Pinar Golf Course

A place of unique beauty

It was inaugurated on December 13, 1997. It is the only place where golf can be played in El Calafate. There are 18 holes of different toil located 45 meters away from reception.


Spa Humus

Pleasure for body and soul

It has a 200 square meter swimming pool, cold-water pools, sunbed, gym, sauna, steam bath, hydrotherapy, playroom and nursery.


More Green Hotels

Quality and sustainable management policy

We work in ecologic solutions to minimize the impact on natural environment.