Opened on December 13, 1997, it is the only place where you can play golf in El Calafate.

It is sponsored by Roberto De Vicenzo, and it is located at 45 meters from the hotel reception and opposite Humus Spa and Cocktail Bar.

The design and quality of our golf course has been developed to become what it is nowadays: a place of unique beauty and a challenge for golfers of any handicap. It has a great view of the foothills, especially Cerro Castillo, and some views of Cerro El Calafate. Within the course, there are environmentally protected areas of steppe with native vegetation.

It is a Par 3 course located at S 50 latitude and W 72 longitude , and consists of 6 greens whose surface ranges from 100 to 200 m2. It has 18 different teeing grounds, whose distance to greens varies among 70 to 250 yards (the longest 3 pair possible), facing golfers with new challenges.

There are 18 holes of various difficulties that form a very entertaining and complex round, demanding the player to use the majority of the clubs in the bag, specially on those days when the Patagonian wind is blowing. It also has a 9-hole Putting Green and an area of practice for two players. The golf course is open from October, 1 to May, 15 (this term may be extended depending on weather conditions.)