Posada Los Alamos is inaugurated in 1984, with only 11 rooms.

In 1989 it has 66 rooms, including 2 suites. The El Aljibe breakfast bar and a new Reception were built,

Without losing sight of the warmth and friendliness of our people. Over the following years our growth remained constant, increasing the infrastructure, comfort and services provided. Today, Los Alamos has 144 rooms that give guests unforgettable moments amid a warm and cordial climate in the best scenery in the world.


By Angela Girometti de Guatti – Founding Member of Hotel Posada Los Álamos

Angela Girometti de Guatti

As if life had told him that he would not always be by my side, one day, Hector Mario, he said:

– What would you like to have to manage on your own?

“A little hotel, make me a little hotel,” I answered.
It was the year 1982, Maxi had arrived at our family life already formed by Mauro Pablo and Mario Piero.

“This is the last piece of land I show you, no one wants it because it floods,” said Pocho Ramos, the mayor of the commune.

It was a Easter afternoon in 1983. We lived in the Esuco obrador, near today, at the bus terminal. I saw him climbing the hill, rolling a large iron hoop. He came happy, serene, sure.

– Come! Let’s see a lot of land that looks like a little paradise – he said.

The road arrived there, in front of the house of Bautista Maldonado, on the left, and Barragán Rolando, on the right. The small path led us to a thick carpet of hemlock almost of our height. Our eyes upon meeting ratified the concept of “a little paradise” surrounded also by old poplars planted, later we learned, by National Parks. At that moment the action had begun.

The “little hotel” had found its place. In October 1984 we opened with 11 rooms Posada Los Alamos, owned by Engineer Héctor Mario Guatti and Mariangela Girometti. During its construction no poplar was thrown.

We were building for eight years without stopping. We were constantly trying to enrich what we had done. That positioned us in the concept of HOTEL POSADA LOS ÁLAMOS ****. It was the year 1991. One day, along the stone path that linked the hotel with the cabin, looking back and seeing the entire hotel with its 84 finished rooms, the Restaurant La Posta lit, the tennis court, the court of Paddle, the padding we were already doing for the small golf course, told me: “… doing this, building this, I was the happiest man in the world …”

On November 6, 1993, surrounded by his two eldest sons and professionals and many friends, God took him to another mission to another world.

His example of tenacity in the face of the thousands of adversities that he had to face during his short life, allowed us to go forward without ever thinking.

And we continue to build.

Today we have 144 rooms. My children who are my pillars in this enterprise, my daughters-in-law and my grandchildren Mateo, Mora, Martina, Santina, Matias, Paz, Marcos and Maitena, will tell you when you need the other story that they could build.