Tours to Perito Moreno Glacier

You can do this tour all year. 

Perito Moreno Glacier is located 85 kilometers from El Calafate. In the journey up to the glacier, you go first to Cerro de los Elefantes to get to the entrance of Los Glaciares National Park located 48 kilometers away. On the left, you can start seeing the Rico Canal of the Argentino Lake and the autochthonous fauna and flora such as high and low-deciduous beech forests. 

You can walk up to the glacier through balconies where you can see the glacier from different points. These balconies are a system of stairs and viewpoints on the slope of the mountain in front of the glacier with more than 2 kilometers long, so there you can see the south, the central and the north face of the glacier.

Departure time: 9 am

Arrival time: 4:30 pm

In addition, you can do the Safari Nautico, which is a navigation view of the south face of the glacier.

Todo Glaciares Navigation

How often: Daily

At 7 am, you are going to be picked up to take you to Punta Bandera port located 50 kilometers away. Once you are there, you have to pay for entry to the National Park.

At 8:30 am, boarding starts and at 9 am, you are leaving the port.

In this navigation, you go through the North Canal and the Upsala Canal where there are huge icebergs that come off the Upsala Glacier. You try to be as close as you can from this glacier. Once in this place, the captain should decide whether to get nearer to the glacier or not. This will depend on the icebergs around the vessel. Then you navigate to another canal to go to the Seco and Spegazzini Glaciers. After seeing this glacier, you are invited to disembark in Base Spegazzini where you can do a trekking trail through the medium height forest or you can go to the shelter where you can have lunch. This shelter is being built. Finally, you will come back to the port. The arrival time is estimated at 4 pm.

How often: Daily

Departure time: 7 am

Arrival time at the hotel: 5 pm

This tour has an additional service called Captain’s Club (VIP lounge) that includes a lounge on the superior floor with ergonomic seats and a host. It also includes hot and cold beverages with or without alcohol, breakfast, tasting of smokes and handmade pates and a toast with jelly and chocolate truffles and a sparkling beverage with alcohol or Calafate liquor.

This tour is not available on December 25 and January 1.

This company charges because of date modification or cancellation up to 10 days prior to the date of the tour.

Mini trekking on Moreno Glacier

This tour is available from August to May.

You have to go 70 kilometers up to Puerto Bajo de las Sombras, where you get on a vessel to cross the Rico Canal of Argentino Lake. When you reach the other shore, you start walking with the guides for 40 minutes up to the foot of the glacier. In this place, crampons were put to start the trekking on the ice for two hours. 

When you finish, there is time to have some lunch and then you go to the balconies in front of the glacier for one hour to have a panoramic view of it. 

It is important to carry a snack or lunch box, sport or mountain shoes, warm clothes and sunscreen lotion. 

Departure time: starting at 7 am. This time is to be confirmed by the company.

Arrival time: 6 pm

From 10 up to 65 years old.

From 10 up to 15 years old there is a 20 per cent discount on the price of the tour but the transfer should be paid completely.

This tour is not available for pregnant women, persons with a heart condition, hypertensive persons or persons with some degree of motor disability.

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