Golf Course El Pinar

Opened on December 13, 1997. It is the only place to play golf in El Calafate.

It is located 45 meters from the reception of the hotel and in front of Humus Spa and Humus Cocktail Bar. Roberto De Vicenzo sponsors it. 

Our course has been evolving in design and quality up to turning into a space of unique beauty today and a great challenge for golfers of any handicap. From the course, you can see great views of the Andes mountain range in which Castillo and El Calafate hills stand out. In the course, there are environmentally protected areas of steppe with autochthonous vegetation.

In a course par three, located at 50 degrees south latitude and 72 degrees west longitude, it has six greens whose surface goes from 100 and 200 square meters. It has 18 different holes, which distance from the green goes from 70 and 250 yards (It is the longest par three possible). This is the reason why it is a new challenge for golfers.

18 holes of different difficulty make it an entertaining and complex tour. It demands the player to use most of the clubs in the bag mostly on windy days. Besides, it has a nine-holed putting green and an area of practice for two players. The course is opened from October 1 up to May 15 every year, though it may be extended according to the weather conditions.

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