Current for Argentine citizens
Rates per room per night. It includes a buffet breakfast, access to Humus Spa, access to the swimming pool, access to the gym, the access to internet Wi Fi and on a PC.

It does not include IVA (an Argentinian tax that is of 21 % over the rate)

El Pinar Golf Course

A place of unique beauty

It was inaugurated on December 13, 1997. It is the only place where golf can be played in El Calafate. There are 18 holes of different toil located 45 meters away from reception.


Spa Humus

Pleasure for body and soul

It has a 200 square meter swimming pool, cold-water pools, sunbed, gym, sauna, steam bath, hydrotherapy, playroom and nursery.


More Green Hotels

Quality and sustainable management policy

We work in ecologic solutions to minimize the impact on natural environment.